01 - Gau Gai - กอ ไก่ - Thai Alphabet Consonants - How to Learn Thai

How to Learn the Thai Language


Why and How to Learn Thai

People learn the Thai language to communicate with Thai people for social, business and scholarly reasons and to gain access to Thai culture. Good learning methods, materials and instructors are vital for effective Thai language learning.

Language Learning Methods and Tools

01 - Gau Gai - กอ ไก่ - Thai Alphabet Consonants - How to Learn Thai

Here at How to Learn Thai, we focus on the foreign adult learner of the Thai language. Adults learn language differently than children and adolescents. Our approach is one of engaged, problem-driven learning which seeks to leverage effective language learning tools and teaching methods.

We take a constructivist approach to learning where the learner is an active participant and not a passive, rote learner. We use and create new mnemonic devices (memory aids) some of which are multi-modal (using two or more senses). We also use games and other activities as well as multi-media tools and software. To track outcomes we create rubrics which measure progress toward language learning goals.

Thai Typing Tutor - Learn to Type in Thai

The idea is not to overwhelm the student with a barrage of tools and techniques but to have a comprehensive language learning toolbox which can be effectively deployed depending upon the needs of the particular Thai language student.

What we offer at How to Learn Thai

We provide several resources for the Thai language learner here at How to Learn Thai, including our newest product Thai Alphabet Flash Cards, we also discuss and present various learning materials and methods.

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