• Thai Consonant Tone and Pronunciation Practice

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    The first set of Thai Alphabet Cards is the 44 Thai Consonants. Below we have simple pronunciation drills for each of the cards, divided into four videos of around 3 minutes each.

    Thai Consonant Tone and Pronunciation Practice

    Pronunciation Practice Drills

    Each video has a female speaker who pronounces a consonant three times, and then a male speaker. Each of the speakers is a Thai native speaker who is using standard Thai pronunciation.

    Each video is available in HD so click on the HD button at the bottom of the player and size for a full-screen view to be able to read all details on the Thai consonant flash cards.

    Tones and Syllable Length

    Two key factors beyond making the correct sound (place and manner of articulation of the mouth and larynx), it is helpful to track the tones against the graphical tone indicators (the lines underneath the English phonetic transcription). These show the relative frequency of tone as well as the duration (length of the line).

    Thai Consonants 1-11

    Thai Consonants 12-23

    Thai Consonants 24-34

    Thai Consonants 35-44